Location:Abu Dhabi
Designation:Commissioning Engineer – DMPF (Dual Media Pressurized Filters)
Salary:350 USD
Experience:10-15 Years
Job Type:Full-Time
No.of Vacancies:1
Closing Date:07/15/2016


JOB DEFINITION The Commissioning Engineer acts as a support to the Commissioning Team.‎ His function in the role of Technical Advisor is to advise and lead the Main Contractor ‎Commissioning team to reach success in the commissioning of the MIRFA RO Plant.‎ Perform commissioning functions as directed by the Commissioning Manager and in ‎accordance with the plans and programme, and complete the appropriate documentation ‎accordingly.‎ His role includes the monitoring and follow up of activities to be developed in the ‎precommissioning phase as well as in the development of startup activities, and ‎commissioning of the DMPF pretreatment process, analysing and taking the necessary ‎adjustment actions leading the process to obtain the water quantity and quality parameters ‎guaranteed within the contract.‎ Subordinate to:‎ Commissioning Manager Process Area:‎ DMPF (Dual Media Pressurized Filters), as per WBS.‎ MISSIONS  Management / Communication  Communicate to Commissioning Manager any problems with Contractor, ‎Subcontractors or Suppliers.‎  Underline to the CMA any lack of human resource and any (risk of) delay for the ‎commissioning works.‎  Inform the Commissioning Manager about any subcontractor’s arrival or requirement ‎to arrive on the project in due time.‎  Provide inputs into the Commissioning Plan and Commissioning program.‎  Assist commissioning in other areas when their commissioning area is not being ‎worked on.‎  Report progress on a daily basis.‎  Technical  Support Main Contractor and asses the readiness of components, subsystems and ‎systems for commissioning, properly setting up a detailed punch list with a proper ‎assessment of punch categories, that could impact the proper development of ‎commissioning activities and endanger safety.‎  Assist the Main Contractor Commissioning Engineers commissioning the plant across ‎all commissioning system areas wherever they are required.‎  Review vendor documentation pertaining to the commissioning of components, ‎subsystems and systems.‎  Participate to development of commissioning documents – Plans, Checklists, ITPs, ‎Procedures, Work Method Statements and ITR’s when required.‎  Complete process commissioning tasks, completing Checklists, ITPs and ITRs as the ‎tasks are performed.‎  Conduct tests on Equipment and Instruments.‎  Participate, with the Automation manager, to the automation tests of the control ‎system as required for the system / subsystem they are assigned to. (SAT I/O, SAT ‎Sequence …).‎  Ensure correct process performances.‎  Propose modifications which would be necessary on the system and optimize them ‎according to contract, time and other requirements.‎  Coordinate specification, design, tender and acquisition of temporary works required ‎for completing commissioning.‎  Drafting of guarantee test protocols, and conduct tests to ensure their success and ‎their proper evaluation.‎  Manage the correct implementation of ITR (inspection & test records) sheets and ‎follow-up.‎  Carry out tests when requested.‎  Fill Progress reports, Pre-Commissioning PV (together with the supervisors and ‎commissioning manager) and Commissioning PV Follow-up deviations and ‎nonconformities ‎  Follow-up punch lists concerning pre-commissioning or commissioning.‎  Assess the readiness of components, subsystems and systems to pass through the ‎different phases of commissioning, in terms of functionality and safety for the ‎equipment and personnel.‎  Health and Safety ‎  Ensure proper co-activity and safety in all areas.‎  Participate to Health and Safety Meetings and to Commissioning meetings.‎  Generate and manage a detailed risk analysis within the limits of each one of the ‎systems, including the facilitation of broad area risk analysis workshops with ‎commissioning leads and supervision.‎  Ensure the Main Contractor operations on all areas are coordinated in order to ‎minimize interface problems, and report any existing problems to Commissioning ‎Manager.‎  Active commitment to the implementation and application on site the Health and ‎Safety Plan.‎  Ensure that the work of collaborators and Subcontractors is undertaken in a way that ‎addresses the control of hazards and that work method statements, where required, ‎are in place.‎  Ensure that proper process of Work Permits is applied to ensure proper safety during ‎commissioning activities once areas are handed-over to Commissioning.‎  Support, if required, HR in the training plan preparation and implementation for ‎commissioning period.‎  Have the authority to stop the works if it is unsafe either for acting people or others ‎working in his area.‎  Participate in the investigation and reporting of any accident/incident/near-miss.‎  Quality and Environment  Apply quality plan and procedures. ‎  Apply Environmental and Waste Management Plans.‎ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:‎ WORK DETAILS:‎ Starting date: 15/07/16 (ASAP)‎ Duration: 3 months Place: UAE Plant: Mirfa Experienced: Around 10 years Industry process: Water treatment Unit Flight ticket in Economy Class : provided (home country-AUH-home country)‎ Working time: 10-12 hours per day ‎ Working days : 6 days a week ‎ Shift: Night Shift‎ Visa: Mission Visa or Residence Visa (GXES)‎ SALARY PACKAGE:‎ Gross Salary: USD 350.00 per Working Day (Salary,Food and House)‎ Transportation from Abu Dhabi to the plant: Provided (GXES)‎ Health Insurance: Local Health Insurance

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