Location:Al Ain
Industry:Health Care
Designation:CSSD Technician
Salary:8000 AED
Experience:2-5 Years
Job Type:Full-Time
No.of Vacancies:1
Closing Date:07-01-2016


Provide sterilisation services, ensuring that processes and procedures are ‎completed in accordance with statutory requirements • Carry out the core business of the department by working as a sterilisation ‎technician to provide sterile and thermally disinfected reusable medical and ‎surgical equipment to all areas for use in patient care. ‎ • Work collaboratively with the Perioperative Nurse and other staff to ensure all ‎facets in the reprocessing of reusable medical and surgical instruments and ‎equipment, and maintenance of associated cleaning and sterilising equipment is ‎undertaken in proper compliance.‎ • To provide best practice sterilisation services to the wards and other department ‎and private external clients utilising the Sterilising services.‎ PACKAGE:‎ • Gross salary AED 8,000/month • One month fully paid as annual leave (vacation)‎ • Free Insurance • This contract for 2 years (limited) start from the date of joining

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